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Hello and welcome to Clocktower Archives, an extensive source of knowledge regarding the Clocktower Society. If you've ever wanted to get familiar with CTS but did not know where to start, you are in the right place. If you didn't yet, it is strongly recommended to read “Clocktower Society – Your Safe Word is Law” before proceeding, but even that is not necessary as you can always refer to Clocktower Society page. If you want to find out what exactly the archives are, feel free to explore the Clocktower Archives article.

If you already know all of the above and just want to get started as soon as possible, take a look at list below - it contains some important articles and their summaries. We hope you like it at Clocktower Archives, please open an interesting page, grab a cup of tea or coffee and make yourself at home!

Acronyms and Slang

This is a handy glossary that covers all of the terms you can possibly encounter while reading any of CTS fics, articles here or pretty much anywhere else. In case of Archives' articles, most of the terms are going to be referenced so you do not need to worry and may skip it.

Joining the Society

One of the longest but by far not the least important article that allows you to get introduced to Clocktower Society the way it was meant for ponies to. Some of th The information provided includes the following topics:

Exposure to Clocktower

An initial step that is always necessary, describes how ponies should find out about CTS, usually either by invitation or by being specifically chosen with honorable mentions of unusual cases.

Guided tours

A set of rules and guidelines for inexperienced tour guides, also includes information and various tips on some of Clocktower Sites (mostly CEE, CEW and CZC for now).

Formal application process

(needs short description)

Orientation classes

(needs short description)

Some of these topics are long enough to deserve a separate wiki page that is usually referenced from within parent article.

Safe Words and Safety Signals

An article that explains our motto - "Your Safeword is law" - and provides information regarding safe words, their usage and alternative means of pausing and stopping session in case your sub cannot speak for some reason.


Collars are an essential attribute of any submissive in CTS. A symbol of consent and belonging. This page will show you how they work and both subs and doms are encouraged to read it. It also includes a cheat-sheet that will help you easily understand the Collar Coding standards.


Masks, while less crucial to safe, consensual play in the Clocktower, are an important attribute of dominants. Everypony should understand their functions and coding standards. In the worst case, it might save your pride if you are a dom who has accidentally fallen into a tentacle pit...

This should be more or less enough for now but if you are still hungry for knowledge, feel free to look through all the available articles, I personally recommend CTS Sites and History of Clocktower Society.